My name is Jeevan, I'm a grade 10 student at University of Toronto Schools and I am experimenting with an AI project that can upend the world! Upend.ai

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1What should I use Upend.ai for?

You can use Upend.ai anytime you want to learn something new or get a better understanding of a topic or question. Upend your life!

2 Should I be using Updend.ai for help with school?

You should definitely read your school’s policy on AI before using Upend.ai. Generative AI is the way of the future and no student should use AI to cheat. However, Upend.ai can be used to foster education by (i) improving access to learning (ii) personalize learnings including for those with differing learning abilities (iii) enhance learnings by allowing deeper insight into topics

3Do you think you’ll get into trouble at your school for creating Upend.ai?

I certainly hope not! My school is committed to continuous learning and encourages bravery and disruption of our norms – and that is exactly what Upend.ai upholds as its values. It’s really no different than the invention of the calculator – it shouldn’t be a tool to cheat, but rather a tool to foster understanding of certain concepts. It’s a “how you should use it?” question rather than a “do you use it?”

4 What are “Topicals”?

Think of Topicals as collections of websites grouped by a common topic such as Programming. If you choose a Topical, your responses will only be pulled from the Topical you chose.

5Why do I need all these LLMs?

No two LLMs are exactly the same. Some are good at coding, others are good at writing like a human, just like people, different LLMs are good at different things. I want you to choose the LLM that best suits your needs for your Task.

6 What is Upend.AI’s approach to pricing?

Pricing is simple and low cost at Upend.ai. The goal at Upend.ai is to give you access to a ton of LLMs to help you in any Task you can imagine. Because of our dedication in providing access, we are also low cost. We offer affordable plans for students, professional users and even teams. Teams benefit from larger token limits and we take the headache away for admistrators by offering just a single invoice that includes all your team members.

About Upend.AI

Upend.AI is a world’s first Generative AI Task Engine – it is like ChatGPT and Google combined. When you give Upend.AI a (T)ask, Upend.AI searches the internet and merges the latest information with the LLM model selected.